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Best of QuizLaw, February ‘07

february.jpgWe continue our look back on the QuizLaw year that was by turning to the month of Valentine lovers and groundhogs…

Can I see my license and registration please? — A respectable police chief.

A Call to Arms Breasts! — The National Pork Board hates breast-feeding.

Chewbacca…what a wookie! — When good wookies go bad.

Well, That All Depends — Everyone’s favorite astronaut.

Hollywood Endorsements 101, brought to you by The Learning Annex — A mostly-shameless excuse to put up some hot pictures of Charlize Theron, Esquire’s current Sexiest Woman Alive.

Peyton Manning is a whiny bitch — Seriously, he’s totally a whiny bitch.

Alberto Gonzales is despicable — He sure is.

Up up down down left right left right B A cross-examination! — I still don’t understand who the hell would play this game.

Scalia’s a huge dick — He sure is.

Scalia’s daughter is also a huge dick — She sure is.

Ode to the Crunchwrap Supreme — Crunchwrap-induced violence is the best kind of violence.

Blawgers are Dirty Swingers — They sure are.

Hahahahaha….Perez Hilton Sucks! — He sure does.

Drunk People are So Nice — We sure are.

Landshark — Why can’t Dubya and the Dems just play nice?

Man’s Best Friend Takes on an Entirely New Meaning — Nothing says love like a dead dog.

The Used Car King Says: Bring Your Baby — The story is whatever, but the video at the end is still a classic.