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Chewbacca…what a wookie!

chewie.jpgThere is something seriously whack going on out there - pop culture is rising up and causing trouble in cities across the nation. First, my current home of Boston was held hostage by “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” Now, my former home of Los Angeles had its own pop-culture uprising, this time in the form of Chewbacca.

Last week, Frederick Evan Young was arrested in Hollywood, outside of Graumann’s Chinese Theater. Young hangs out in a Chewie get-up, as one of the costumed monkeys trying to get tips for posing for tourist photos. There have been problems with these costumed nuts harassing the tourists, so L.A. recently passed new laws trying to crack down on this behavior. Anyway, a tour guide saw Chewie bugging two tourists, allegedly “harassing and touching” them, in violation of this law. So the guide told Chewie to back off. This led to an argument, which eventually caught the attention of the theater’s security. Security walked Chewie off the theater property, and that’s when Chewbacca let out his inner wookie and headbutted (!) a security guard.

So that’s when Chewie got himself arrested, and Young now faces a misdemeanor battery charge. Turns out, even if you’re a wookie, it’s still kind of illegal to headbutt folks.

The best part of this story, aside from the fact that it gives me an excuse to link to a video using the Supernova song “Chewbacca,” is this: When the tour guide originally approached Chewie and told him to chill out, his response was, “nobody tells this wookie what to do.”

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