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Up up down down left right left right B A cross-examination!

aceAttorney.jpgOk, this boggles my mind - I just found out about a new game for the Nintendo DS which came out last month (came out stateside, at least, as I gather it had already been out in Japan). And this game is a sequel, meaning the first one did well enough to warrant a follow-up. And that original game? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

It’s a heavily text-driven game where you get to play a new attorney taking on several different murder cases, trying to defend your innocent client and bring the actual murderer to justice. As summed up by the Gamespot review: “it’s Phoenix’s job to get a verdict of ‘not guilty,’ despite the lying witnesses, shady prosecutors, and a judge who sometimes forgets the letter of the law.”


So now, Phoenix Wright is back, baby! It’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All. While Gamespot loved the first one, giving it an 8.8 out of 10, the sequel only garners a 7.7 because “it’s hard not to feel as if it’s a step backward for the series.” Which is shame really, because I worry for the youth of our nation if the game companies can’t innovate some new and fresh lawyer games.

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My 11-year-old son LOVES this game. He was all set to follow in my footsteps as a lawyer until he found out that real lawyers don't get to stand up and yell "Take that!" when proffering evidence to the court. The game is also about as realistic with respect to evidentiary issues and court procedure as Perry Mason was. That having been said, you really can't go wrong with an anime (or manga) lawyer, and it's an awfully fun way to pass the time during those down times in a mediation ....

Yeah, my boyfriend played the first one and is now playing the second game, which he says is a bit more difficult than the first one.

He had jury duty last week and said he kept thinking of the game while in court.