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Blawgers are Dirty Swingers


From Walter Olson’s blawg, Overlawyered, posted this morning:

I met a lot of blawgers, lawprofs and others whose work I’ve been reading for years. At lunch, when Northwestern lawprof Jim Lindgren (Volokh Conspiracy) kindly suggested I join his table, I found myself seated between David Lat (Above the Law) and Ann Althouse; the rest of the table consisted of NYLS professors Jethro Lieberman (The Litigious Society) and Arthur Leonard, and publisher/editor Bernard Hibbitts of Jurist. Earlier in the day, I met Paul Caron (TaxProf), Jack Balkin (Balkinization), and Larry Solum (Legal Theory Blog), as well as catching up with old friend Randy Barnett (Volokh).

Damnit! Why aren’t Seth and I ever invited to the Key Parties? One night with Ann Althouse is all I ask, man. It’s all I ask. I bet you dollars to donuts that Olson pulled her key out of the hat, too. He catches all the breaks. I’m guessing Lat ended up with one of the ladies from The Feminist Law Professors, who no doubt gave him quite the spanking for those Hotties contests. Lucky bastard. Of course, I would’ve given anything to see how awkward Bainbridge felt when they ran out of female blawgers and he had to go home with Bashman. I’m guessing there wasn’t a lot of cuddling.