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Hollywood Endorsements 101, brought to you by The Learning Annex

charlize1.jpgCharlize Theron has gotten herself sued, in an “only in Hollywood” type matter, by Raymond Weil, a Swiss watchmaker. According to the lawsuit, Theron entered into an exclusive endorsement deal which said that between October ‘05 and December ‘06 she would only wear Weil’s high-end luxury watches. However, Weil alleges that Theron failed to live up to the terms of this agreement.

For example, with the legal papers Weil’s attorneys submitted a photograph from a March 2006 press conference in Texas, where Theron can be seen wearing a Christian Dior watch. Weil also claims that she appeared in a charity ad with non-Weil jewelry, in violation of their agreement. While an amount for damages has not been specified, Weil’s attorney says over $20 mil has been spent on the Theron campaign, so they’re probably going to be seeking a pretty big pile of coins.

Charlize hasn’t issued a statement on the matter yet, but you gotta’ figure one is forthcoming. Unless she decides to re-embody her Oscar-winning Monster character, Aileen Wournos, and simply murder Weil. But we’re guessing she won’t go that route.