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Can I see my license and registration please?

knoebel.jpgThe Police Chief of the Village of Kewaskum, a (presumably) little Wisconsin place, is a good man. Richard Knoebel was driving himself to work one day when he got a touch distracted by a truck that was doing some business on the side of the street. Because he was distracted, he didn’t see that a school bus had stopped, with its lights flashing and the little stop sign sticking out.

As you all should know, you stop driving when you see this. But because the Police Chief didn’t see it, he didn’t stop driving.

And so Knoebel issued himself a traffic citation, including a $235 fine and four points on his license.

This is absolutely mind boggling to me. As he put it:

When we get someone for not stopping for a flashing school bus we give them a citation. So I shouldn’t be any different so I did.

If we had more stories about honest and decent cops like this, maybe the general public would begin to have its faith restored in what often seems like a broken system.