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You’re not the boss of me!

temper-tantrum.jpgMargaret McIntyre is a Virginia Beach pediatrician, and one has to wonder what her bedside manner is like after hearing this story. Dr. McIntyre had received one of the things everyone loves to get in the mail — a jury duty notice. She showed up to court at the alloted time and asked the judge to be excused. Her request was denied, and the judge asked her to come back to the court to explain why she was, as the judge heard it, being rude to the court’s clerks.

So Dr. McIntyre came back to the court and went on a 15-minute rant, at one point whining:

I just can’t believe I have to come down here for jury duty and be treated like this. This is incredible. This is like a nightmare out of an American sitcom. You have nothing better to do than to harass an American citizen who’s done nothing.

The Judge suggested she leave and come back with a lawyer, as she was going to have to deal with a contempt of court charge, and she didn’t take so kindly to that either:

“Oh, great. So I have to spend a thousand billion dollars now again on lawyers for something that I didn’t even want to do to start with,” she continued.
“Ma’am, I don’t think that we can accomplish anything more today,” [Judge] Stillman said. “I’m trying to be as fair to you as I can.”
“Well, you’re not talking to me like a person,” she said. “I’m not in preschool, you know. I’m not a kindergartner. I don’t need to be sat down and told to sit like a dog.”
As McIntyre continued, trying to argue with the judge over the meaning of the word “contemptuous,” Stillman had had enough.
“The marshals are directed to remove this prospective juror from the courtroom,” he ordered.
“Don’t touch me,” McIntyre said to the marshals before storming out of the building.

She also explained some governmental civics to the courtroom, shouting:

He’s not the president. He’s a judge. He’s a federal employee that ought to be doing something important orther than treating me like this.

I dunno. You ask me, Judge Stillman was doing something quite important, allowing the whole world to peer through the window into your bitchy soul.

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Don't jury duty me, bro!