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Best of QuizLaw, September ‘07

september.jpg“Don’t tase me bro” and two Jonathan Lee Riches story? Christmas came early this year!

How youdoin’? — Ah, “Joey,” we hardly knew ya.

The What-Now? — No anus was hurt in the filing of this motion.

“It’s the greatest settlement over a broken toilet in the history of broken toilet lawsuits!” — Donald Trump knows from big tools that hold a lot of crap.

An act of judicial discretion? — Genital herpes and the law.

Everyone Loves Divorce Lawyers — I don’t even remember what this story was about. But Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts are cute, man — ain’t that good enough?

A son not even a mother could love — QuizLaw tries its hand at matchmaking.

Killing Time in Iowa — I could think of far worse things than having some Cheetos thrown my way, I’ll tell you what.

Killing Time Everywhere — You know it, you love it: “Let’s Paint TV!”

The Elven Supremacy — Man, I need me some consultant elves.

One Question Only — Well at least “don’t tase me bro” isn’t a question.

Please Hammer, don’t hurt ‘em — This video still kills me. Best thing to come out of the whole “don’t tase me bro” debacle.

You’re in the game now — Jack McBrayer is the best.

Welcome back, Jonathan Lee Riches — …Don’t ever leave me again.

Mr. Riches, you never cease to amaze me — Nothing like a one-two punch of the brilliant-crazy.

The Best Mug Shot Photo … Ever — Well I dunno if it’s the best one ever, but it is pretty great.

It’s Not Legal Related, But It’s Friday. And This Lizard is Real — Chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool….