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Everyone Loves Divorce Lawyers

leDivorce.jpgBut nobody loves divorce lawyers more than an ex who has been taken to the cleaners. Just ask Ronald Lynn Jenkins of South Carolina. He’s been involved in divorce proceedings against his ex-wife for the past three years. But late last month, Jenkins lost an appeal in his case, meaning Game Over.

So Jenkins did what any level-head man might do — he went to the office of his ex-wife’s wheelchair-bound lawyer and got into an argument, threatening to kill the man. The attorney, Robert Masella, called the cops, but Jenkins took off before they showed up. Later that night, however, Jenkins allegedly went back to Masella’s office and set the library on fire, causing around $60,000 of damage. This time he didn’t quite get away from the cops, and he was arrested and charged with arson, burglary and stalking.

The report says that Jenkins isn’t cooperating with the police which is rather shocking, considering the fact that he sounds like a such a level-headed bloke.