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“It’s the greatest settlement over a broken toilet in the history of broken toilet lawsuits!”

theDonald.jpgThe Trump Taj Mahal has entered into a $1.2 million settlement with Jean Ciocci. The 74-year-old Philadelphia woman (Philly … represent!) had stayed at the Taj, in Atlantic City, back in 2004. While she was using the toilet in her room, it broke away from the wall, causing her injuries which left her with a disability in one of her arms. And her lawyers said this injury caused her to fall a second time, more recently, which caused further injuries.

The Casino said it was dubious that Ciocci could prove her case, at least as to the first injury being a proximate cause of the second injury. But it obviously wasn’t that dubious, as it was happy to toss the lady over half of what she wanted in order to avoid the courtroom.

Ciocci’s lawyer said: “We’re hoping she’ll be able to use some of this money to make improvements to her house so she’ll be able to get around.” Ciocci was unavailable for comment, as she was apparently already on a train back to AC (although she is rumored to have said “see, the money is making my life better — I can travel to AC by train instead of bus!”).

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Obviously the news media is in dire need of NEWS. This is a woman who went to the Taj Mahal to enjoy an outing with her husband including an overnight stay. What she got was an injury which she will have to live with the rest of her life. It was the result of shoddy construction and it could have been fatal.This settlement is not about money...it's about making amends. There was a faulty installation and it caused her a terrible injury...one she will live with long after the money has gone to pay already sustained medical bills and future care. The bottom line folks is>>>>>unless you wear her shoes>>>>don't judge and above all don't reach a conclusion that this was a frivolous suit.