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One Question Only

Seriously, when John Kerry gives a speech at your college, you are limited to only one question. You know what happens if you ask more than one? Taser!

To be fair, it didn’t seem as though Kerry condoned the Tasering, and really — the kid was super obnoxious. You know you’re annoying when the police pull you away and your classmates stand up and cheer. And I guess the guy also walked in with several police officers, who were waiting to pounce. Kerry allowed him to ask the question, anyway.

Still, it looks more like a Bush speech than a Kerry one.

For a better quality video, click this link.

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Excuse me, but that student DID NOT deserve to be tasered! How dare you make light of this situation. He, like all Americans have a right to freedom of speech. If he was causing an "interruption", he should have been escorted out, not arrested, and definately not tasered! And Kerry DID NOTHING to stop the student from being tasered. He, in fact, cracked a joke during the occurance!! And as for those students, I question their morality. Cheering on the unfair treatment of an American Citizen? The applause stopped when he was tasered, so I'll give them that. What kind of message is it sending if you can be arrested for speaking your mind? I don't care whether you are liberal or conservative (I am a moderate), this was handled terribly and I hope something is done about this. Just because you are biased for or against Kerry, doesn't mean this was right at all. Andrew Meyer is an anti-war activist that should have been allowed to finish what he wanted to say.

I am so disappointed in this post. I didn't find the guy 'obnoxious', but even if he was, how the hell does that mean he deserves to be tasered? I nearly cried watching this.

There were quite a few students screaming and asking what the kid had done. If I found myself being pulled away and man-handled just for asking a question, I'm pretty sure I would be acting "obnoxious" too. This is truly a sad state of affairs.

I am shocked by this flagrant abuse of one man's right to free speech... just as shocked as he is... thanks I'll be here all night

lesson: don't ask questions about skull & bones...

America: the Land of the Not So Free as They Think it Is (as my American friend likes to say).

That is S.I.C.K.

Hey, screw the haters. You're allowed to make light of the situation if you want to. You make light of plenty of other situations without people bitching about it. I personally don't condone frivolous tasering, but don't censor yourself (not that I thought you were "cheering on the unfair treatment of an American Citizen" anyway).

These complainers defend the kid as if he were a beacon of free speech, a martyr to the cause, then turn around and excoriate you for saying your piece. Hypocrites.

I agree with ender. Furthermore, I fully understand how you could perceive him as being obnoxious. The kid was screaming as though he was being tortured throughout the whole episode, but prior to the tasering they were merely trying to lead him away. I understand that he was unwilling to be led away without having his question answered, but being so dramatic about the small amount of physical force they were using and the cries for attention ("Is anybody watching this?") made him come off as a bit of an attention-grabber.

That said, I don't condone tasering kids who ask questions. Of course I don't.

Before you condemn the writer get ALL the facts:

1. Student was a well known prankster at the school, hence the cheering.

2. the video was no accident, he set up the cameraperson to tape the incident

3.immediately after he was out of site of the cameras, his demeanor changed, officers report that he was in good spirits and laughing

This kid staged this event to get his 15 minutes. He intentionally went over his time and refused to leave when directed by the officers. Resisted when he was escorted out by the officers and SOP in that situation is to subdue the subject as quickly as possible with minimal force. If 4 or 5 cops are trying to hold you and you are still resisting, you get tased, exactly what he wanted. He knows he is going to be the talk of the country for a couple of days. To be clear, he was not tased for asking questions, he was tased because he disrupted a public event (disturbing the peace) and resisting arrest and he did it all so he could have a "look at me" moment. I hope they throw the book at him.