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Wait a minute, this ground is a little soggy

wetlands.jpgThis is the first time I’ve stumbled upon a story mentioning Cary, NC, which is the little burg where my sister and brother-in-law live. So this one’s for them….

Kristin Wallace, a Cary woman, was at a public auction last year and purchased eight acres of wet lands for $12,500 as an investment. Trouble is, those eight acres are under a man-made lake. Wallace’s investment company is now suing the city of Raleigh and Wake County to force them to either buy the land back or drain Lake Lynn. Says Wallace: “[The land’s] extremely valuable to me. Dry.”

A representative of the County Attorney’s Office says this is just a caveat emptor situation, buyer beware. “It’s bought as is,” she said. Translation: “Eat shit, lady.”