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The Best Mug Shot Photo … Ever


So, I was watching last night’s Letterman show, one that featured another segment of Small Town News (which, by the by, Leno stole from Dave 15 years ago and passed off as his own). Anyway, there were two bits in this week’s segment that gave me pause. One featured an ad from my very own hometown newspaper, the Benton Courier (oh, Benton — how I don’t miss you at all), an ad that was actually typical of my hometown. It read: “Tammy L., Yes, I will marry you once you get a divorce, if you will still have me.” God love the place (cause no one else does).

But later in the segment, Letterman featured what must have been the best mug shot I’ve ever seen, the one pictured up above. The man’s name is John Joseph Quinn IV, and if I have to tell you that he was arrested for running a meth lab, well — clearly, you need to look at the picture again, because: No shit.

Smoking Gun — you’re going to need this one for your archives. I’m just surprised that this piece wasn’t the one featured in my hometown paper.

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Am I the only one who thought that was Zach Galifianakis before reading the article?

This is obviously the singer for the Spin Doctors.

Dude...Elijah Wood really cant work a beard and who ever told him he can is a terrible person.

But hey, at least we know now he CAN grow one.

I know we where all worried.

lol tobey maguire