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How you doin’?

joey.jpgMatt LeBlanc, best know for starring in the movie Ed alongside a monkey (at least, he should be better known for this, rather than “Friends” or … *shudder* … “Joey”), is being sued by his former manager for at least one million smackeroos. Camille Cerio says she was LeBlanc’s manager back in 1994, and she claims to have a letter where LeBlanc agrees to give her 15% of anything he earns for “pilot and series derived from ‘Frinds Like Us’ and subsequent jobs derived henceforth.” Cerio says this means she’s entitled to a hunka-chunka of LeBlanc’s earnings from both “Friends” and “Joey.” And while she did get paid for a while, Cerio says the money stopped rolling in in 2000.

“Breach of contract,” she cries!

“Unfair business practice” she cries!

“How much more do I have to suffer - I was on ‘Joey’ for crying out lout,” LeBlanc cries!

Game, set and match to LeBlanc.