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Best of QuizLaw, June ‘07

june.jpgBlah blah blah, best of QuizLaw entries, month of June, blah blah blah:

Flea Bites — Modern day lawyers are down with the newfangled internets, so stupid doctors best beware.

“He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” Must Be Furious — Turns out I don’t like ignorant hypocritical hicks.

The Case of the Killer Teddy Bear — Is it wrong that I find that ugly-ass teddy bear kinda cute in a “I’m from Philly and like dirty shit” way?

“Foooooooood Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!” — Three arrests from a food fight? Man, we did things wrong when I was in high school.

Sure, the Colts beat the Eagles 45-21, but in the important match-up, the Indianapolis man beat the homeless man’s nuts, 1-0 — …Sigh, I’m just putting this one up for Dustin. God damned Colts.

The Zodiac Lawyer — I’m shocked - shocked, I says - to learn that law school might just mess you up in the noggin.

HuckaFuck …. — Wherein Dustin gives us a lesson in how Arkansas politics are played.

Bans to the left of me, bans to the right of me — Why does California hate midget KISS cover bands?

I have three reasons for writing this post, and none are particularly admirable — Probably not the most shameless post I’ve ever done, but it’s gotta be in the top five.

Women’s Rights We Can All Agree On — You’re damn straight!

They’re always after me lucky charms! — The first (and I believe, only) QuizLaw Real Time Review.

Shenanigans have officially been declared! — We don’t fuck around.

No, Sir, You May Kindly Go F Yourself — Man, next year’s QuizLaw’s Fuck Your Boss Day is still soooooo far away.

“Lawyers F up everything” — Hey There Vagina How Are Ya.

Sipping on Gin and Juice (Laid Back) — I don’t see the problem here - those babies were living the high life.

That Jesus is a Funny Dude — Yes he is.

Fatty fatty two-by-four — Wherein Dustin and I rave a little about fatty Michael Moore’s Sicko.

We’re #3! We’re #3! — Shenanigans or no shenanigans, number 3 is still number 3.