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We’re #3! We’re #3!

billboard1.jpgA little over a decade ago, after the initial late night wars died down and Letterman settled into the ratings behind Leno and, occasionally, even behind “Nightline,” “The Late Show” put out what I think may be the smartest billboard ever designed. The only image I could find (to the left) is hard to make out, but the story went like this: As soon as Leno ascended to number one in the ratings, the hack-show host — whose show is based in L.A. — put up a big billboard with his grotesquerie and a huge “#1” emblazoned across it, in Times Square, very near The Ed Sullivan Theater (where Dave is taped). So, Dave — proving exactly why he is the best — put up his own billboard, a few blocks in front of Leno’s, with his own wiseacre grin, proudly declaring himself and his show to be “#3.”

And now, we get to feel a certain kinship with Letterman this week, having been named The Third Funniest Law Blog over at Legal Antics — making Phila Lawyer the Leno of the bunch and, somewhat appropriately, Above the Law as the “Nightline” of law blogs (the good Koppel “Nightline,” to be sure). And sorry, Ted — I guess that makes Overlawyered the Jimmy Kimmell. (You’d still be #1 in a landslide for Sexiest Legal Blogger).

But, as everyone knows, number three is the best. Just look at the evidence: Starship Troopers 3, Matrix Revolutions, Godfather 3, X-Men III, Revenge of the Nerds 3 and Porky’s Revenge — all the best installments in their respective trilogies. Right? Right? Awww, hell.

Congratulations Tucker Max, Phila Lawyer. I’m sure your victory had nothing to do with the free hand jobs that were promised in exchange for votes.

He does seem like a decent fella, though.

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ACTUALLY, I beleive the adage is "FIRST is the worst, SECOND is the best, and THIRD is the one with the very hairy chest."


You were ROBBED!