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Sipping on Gin and Juice (Laid Back)

Baby%20Drinking%20Beer.jpgWe have another parenting tip for you today, folks. If you find yourself knocked up at the age of 15, with child at 16, and completely bored with your 10-month-old baby’s antics, there’s always booze to enliven the baby-sitting experience. No no — not for the mother. For the daughter, of course!

A 16-year-old Florida mommy and a few of her relatives were arrested after spiking her baby’s juice with a little gin … and videotaping the results. From The Smoking Gun:

Investigators said the baby took several sips from a cup containing gin and an unknown juice, while the mother videotaped her child and Bell and Moore laughed. In a probable cause affidavit, cops reported that the teenager and her relatives were passing the cup around “in an attempt to get the victim to walk to them.” The trio was arrested after the girl’s mother discovered the videotape of her grandson drinking booze “to the point of intoxication.”

Man alive. Maybe abstinence-only education is the answer.

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how tragic. this story is completely awful on every level. and no, the answer isn't abstinence-only ed, it's sterilizing morons.

Unfortunately, you would not know how to ID the morons prior to engaging in moronic behavior.

"And Buster had his first taste of alcohol since nursing"

I've seen ten-month-olds try to walk. How can you TELL if he's drunk on the video?

travka- agreed. but something tells me this wasn't likely her first brush with moronism. hell, if we want to be certain, let's make everyone reversibly sterilized and require breeding permits.