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The Case of the Killer Teddy Bear

c5_3.jpgA math teacher in Indianapolis is suing several of his students, claiming that a movie they had made defamed him. Daniel Clevenger brought the lawsuit, claiming that the 78-minute film — The Teddy Bear Master — basically hurt his feelings, because in the film, both the teacher and his wife were eventually murdered.

Moreover, Clevenger claims that the film made fun of his mannerisms and appearance. Oh, and this should probably be made quite clear — the student-created masterpiece starred a Teddy Bear and several stuffed animals.

“The defendants intentionally created the ‘Teddy Bear Master’ and intentionally used the plaintiff’s name in such a way that would provoke a reasonably foreseeable emotional disturbance or trauma,” the lawsuit states.

The boys worked on the movie from fall 2005 through summer 2006. A description of the film in previous documents said that the teddy bear ordered the stuffed animals to kill the teacher because he had embarrassed him, but that students battled the toy beasts …

“It’s not true that they were murdered in the movie,” she said. “It was literally stuffed animals being manipulated by the boys, walking around going ‘yeoowww’ and talking in funny voices, very juvenile.”

The students were expelled for making the film, but — thanks in part to a lawsuit spearheaded by the local chapter of the ACLU — had their suspensions expunged and were awarded $69,000 in a settlement.

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I'm amazed they made it to 78 minutes. Thats an accomplishment in itself.