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The Zodiac Lawyer

zodiac.jpgA-hahahahahahaha. This is absolutely hilarious. Mucho thanks to the WSJ Law Blog for pointing me to a 16-page study with the exhilarating title of “Understanding the Negative Effects of Legal Education on Law Students: A Longitudinal Test of Self-Determination Theory.” In other words: “We wants to see how much law students get screwed up by going to law school.” The abstract for this study states that the results “suggest that law school has a corrosive effect on the well-being, values, and motivation of students, ostensibly because of its problematic institutional culture,” and it concludes that “[t]he emotional distress of law students appears to significantly exceed that of medical students and at times approach that of psychiatric populations” (emphasis there is mine, thank you much).


I mean, did you really need to study two law schools for three years to figure this out? You could’ve just phoned me up and I would’ve been happy to tell you how corrosive law schools are. And as for some law students being borderline sociopaths - again, that info was just a phone call away.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this:

To you, QuizLaw’s readers, a word of warning - if you see a law student approaching you on the street, best run and hide. You might be just be approaching the next Buffalo Bill, and you probably don’t want to wind up putting the lotion in the basket.