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Shenanigans have officially been declared!

shenani.jpgIt comes as no surprise to us that QuizLaw made the final cut in Legal Antic’s “funniest law blog” poll. When Dustin pointed out the early results to me, however, it did come as a surprise that “Phila Lawyer” had taken a commanding lead, considering that its 723 votes are probably more than the number of readers the blog actually has, coupled with the fact that I hadn’t even heard of the site before this poll (please note that I’m not commenting on the substantive quality of the site’s humor because, truthfully, I haven’t managed to make it through any of the terribly long posts I’ve tried to read thus far). It was at this point that Dustin expressed his desire to declare shenanigans, and I agree. So:


Of course, Legal Antic’s proprietor, Nicole Black, also knows the results are a little suspect, as she’s already updated the entry to discuss the “minor league ‘voter fraud’” going on. But I’m also declaring shenanigans on Above the Law being in second place. To be sure, I love David Lat’s blog, but I don’t really think of it as a particularly funny legal blog, despite the occasional good humor over there. I think he’s in second place (and rightfully in first place, when you take out the voter fraud) simply because he shamelessly plugged the poll (and I take no issue with that whatsoever), and ATL gets quite a bit of traffic. So he’s gonna’ get more votes than the littler blogs just based on traffic numbers, regardless of the relative humor of the sites in the running.

Is this declaration of shenanigans nothing more than sour grapes? No matter how much I protest that it’s really not, I’m sure some of you will say “yuh-huh” anyway, so feel free. But that doesn’t change the declaration.

In any event, while I would normally make a similar-to-Lat’s plea for all our wonderful readers to get out the vote, I’m not particularly motivated to do so in this instance. Feel free to throw a vote our way, and I have no doubt some of our faithful readers will do so anyway, but we won’t cry if you don’t. And for the record, in the now-improbably chance that we do actually win, I would ask Nicole to donate $20 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (my pet legal charity project) in QuizLaw’s name, rather than buying us some silly Billable Hour trinket.

(And also for the record, I do think there are some worthy contenders on that list, particularly Overlawyered. And while I haven’t read much on the site yet, big ups to Buffalo Wings & Vodka for the excellent blog title.)

Update: I’ve been told that Nicole isn’t actually purchasing anything from Billable Hour for the winner and that, rather, it’s just The Billable Hour donating something as a sponsor of the contest. So scratch my attempted altruism, I guess.

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You might be interested in reading this thread from this apprently well populated message board (1000+) that is somehow related to Phila.Laywer: http://messageboard.tuckermax.com/showthread.php?t=16011

Given the huge # of people that populate that message board, I think that the votes are pretty much legit. Phila.Lawyer has a huge following--we've just never ehard of them before. Go figure.

Yeah, I'd say those results are a bit suspect. Anyone know if Casey McCall is involved?

It would appear that Phila.Lawyer is part of Tucker Max's Rudius Media web empire, which gives me a second reason not to vote for it, the first being that I didn't find it particularly funny (same with Above the Law).

Maybe I don't have the right sense of humour, but blogs that seem to focus mostly on starting salaries, and who's a partner at which firm, don't exactly bring the funny.

For what it's worth (as I have zero experience with law, not even a crummy misdemeanour), I do enjoy Overlawyered, Legal Antics, Lowering the Bar, and Off/Beat (which did a great liveblog of the big-money-pants trial).

And, of course, above all, Quizlaw.

btw, it looks like BW&Vodka is no more.

Alright, I didn't want to do this but...I'm going to have to bring the full power of The Disco to the forefront. They wanna call down the thunder by putting Phila Lawyer ahead of Quizlaw? Fine! You want the thunder, you got it! I'll be putting a post on my personal blog later this evening calling for a landslide victory for Quizlaw over any and all competitors. I can only hope that Nicole's servers can handle the massive amount of hits they are about to receive I am not responsible for any injuries incurred when said servers self detonate.

If BW&V really is no more, that is too bad. It had a cult following at my law school. I think it was actually a law student blog, more than a legal blog. Unfortunately, I didn't have an internal network card, so I never could get online during class. So I missed BW&V for the most part. I do have mad spider solitare skills though.

PhilaLawyer gets upwards of 2000 unique visitors a day. I'm his editor. Just sayin'.


Y'all are great over here, but my favorite is still Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.

Hear hear, Geetch!