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Women’s Rights We Can All Agree On

beerWench.jpg(Hat tip to reader Three Elle for the entry title).

So dig this - Jill Coccaro is going to get $29,000 from the City of New York for showing off her breasts. She was arrested back in 2005 for taking a “topless stroll,” an arrest she challenged on the basis of a 1992 state court ruling that women are entitled to the same shirtless rights as men. She was held in custody for twelve hours before finally being released without any charges being filed.

So Coccaro went after the city, claiming civil rights violations for her wrongful arrest and subsequent poor treatment - her lawsuit, filed last October, claimed “that a police officer yanked her out of a patrol car by her hair and police took her to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.”

But with this settlement now in place, that lawsuit is a thing of the past and Coccaro is free to once again wander the streets with her ladies in full form. Which we here at QuizLaw fully support (there’s a pun in there about “support,” to be sure, but I’m far too classy to make it).

Oh, and the highlight of this story, aside from the bare breasts bit (“bare breasts bit” — alliteration at its finest folks!) is that Coccaro has since changed her name to Phoenix Feeley.

…You know, this morning’s posts have been quite heavy on the piggish testosterone, with the breasts and the porn and the Kristy Swanson. Hey Dustin, try to take care of our feminists and lady friends this afternoon, would you?