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I have three reasons for writing this post, and none are particularly admirable

kSwan.jpgKristy Swanson.

“Who dat,” you ask?

She’s that attractive little blonde over there on the right. You might remember her from such films as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Mannequin: On the Move (the sequel that the original Mannequin simply begged for!) or … uhm … yeah, those two movies.

Most recently, Swanson played an Anna-Nicole type on an episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” and before that, she was on that show you watched and loved, “Skating with Celebrities” (you did watch it and love it, no?). Anyway, she made headlines yesterday after getting herself arrested on Saturday night in Canada, of all places, after getting into a fight. Seems that she is dating Lloyd Eisler, her figure skating partner on “Skating.” Also seems that Eisler’s ex, one Marcia O’Brien, isn’t a Buffy fan and allegedly assaulted Swanson as she was on the move to give one of O’Brien and Eisler’s kids a pacifier. However, O’Brien hasn’t been charged, while Swanson had to head into the police station to deal with assault charges. So the story doesn’t quite add up.

But none of this really matters. As I said in the title, I’m posting this story for three other reasons. First there’s this one-two punch from the end of the story detailing this meeting:

Swanson and Eisler, 44, met in 2006 while filming the television reality series “Skating With Celebrities.” Eisler eventually left his pregnant wife for Swanson, creating a scandal in the skating world. Their son Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler was born in February.

I love that this was a “scandal in the skating world” because, frankly, I think the skating world is a world that needs more scandals. But I really love that the kid’s name is Magnus. That’s just great.

The second reason I posted this is so that I could make the following joke, entirely unapologetically:

While it appears that Swanson’s career has taken such a dive that she can’t even get arrested in Hollywood, the same doesn’t seem to apply in Canada!


And lastly, and most importantly, Swanson also recently appeared in Playboy. Which gives me the excuse to post this salacious picture of the lovely Ms. Swanson (and slightly more NSFW pictures are available via our friends over at I Don’t Like You In That Way):


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I admire your reasons, good sir, if no one else will. Especially that last one.