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Best of QuizLaw, July ‘07

july-fireworks.jpgJuly was an absolutely awesome month because it was when we got to meet QuizLaw’s all time favorite person in the world ever. He’s way down at the bottom, the last linked entry.

Just another drug story — Turtles, drugs … it’s all the same.

This is why the British are better than us — Hint: it ain’t the food.

Will Production Halt on Anal Camera 20? — One sure as hell hopes not!

“A bizarre sexual rendezvous involving carrots and crack cocaine has led to three arrests.” — When Bug Bunny, Peter Rabbit and the kid working the corner get together, well, trouble follows. All in the game.

Make Like a Tree and … Oh, Fuck It — Hellooooo McFly.

Well this sure sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen — That fucking Optimus Prime is nothing but trouble.

BREAKING and SHOCKING News — Hey, whadda you know? Five months later and Bush is still a dick.

Does the story even matter? — Nope. That picture still kicks ass.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and a broken whiskey bottle — Nothing says love like an wedding-day brawl!

Stupidest Lawsuit of the Moment — Whodda thunk QuizLaw would start a debate about cockfighting? …Yeah, I ain’t so surprised either.

“Wade told me for $50, he’d kill a dog.” — This video never gets old.

It’s not all shanking and dropped soap when you break the law — Cause this is Thriller … thril-ler night!

Who knew that Hermione would turn out to be a dude? — Man, that would’ve been sooooo more interesting than all the chapters with them camping and doing nothing.

So this means Cheney was a Slytherin? — That’s right, it’s a Potter one-two punch!

That’s some serious squadush! — Love that picture. Both of ‘em, actually.

Michael Vick is in serious trouble — He still is, but whatever with that. I believe this was our first introduction to the joy that is Jonathan. Lee. Riches. I suspect that he might just show up in some more of these “Best Of” entries.