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Does the story even matter?

hotStuff.jpgSeriously, all that matters is the picture, right? It’s awesome, right?


So yeah, whatever. That’s Steven S. Cole, a former volunteer firefighter in Ohio who was busted back in April for a DUI and public indecency:

Police arrested Cole on April 4 in his truck as he was leaving Heritage Oak Park in this Cincinnati suburb after parents complained about a man dressed in women’s clothing.
Police said they found an open, half-empty bottle of beer in the truck, along with a gym bag containing wigs, bikinis, silver go-go boots and other women’s garments.
Cole’s blood-alcohol test registered 0.17, more than twice Ohio’s legal driving limit of 0.08, police said.
The arrest report said Cole told an officer he was on his way to a bar in Dayton to perform as a woman in a contest offering a $10,000 prize.

Last week he copped a plea bargain to the DUI charge, and got the public indecency charge dropped. But like I said - whatever. It’s all about the picture.

…That chick is hot!