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Well this sure sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen

oPrime.jpgOver the past six months, Geico has received 131 accident reports (!) from one of its insured clients, a truck driver. It’s unclear what these claims amount to in total, but given that one claim was for over $6.5 million, and another two were for over $300,000 and $600,000, we’re probably talking about total claims in the order of at least $15 - $20 million. And of all these claims, the insured truck driver has been reimbursed for precisely one claim, for a “mere” $1,286.63.

Meanwhile, this poor guy’s premium is now over $200,000 per month.

As the title suggests, I think this sounds like an obvious lawsuit in the making. Whether it’s a lawsuit brought by Geico over fraudulent claims, or by the insured over Geico’s failure to adequately cover him, remains to be seen. But it’s gonna be a mess. Whatever the nature of the suit, though, I hope it goes to trial, because the witness testimony would be wildly entertaining to watch.

You can read Geico’s most recent claim rejection letter and judge the merits of the situation for yourself.

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That was great! Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh. Now I'm going to have to call up my insurance company to see if they can add a Megatron rider to my policy.

Do I get to preen now because I knew where that link was going before I even clicked on it? That was one of their funnier front page bits in a while, though.

Wow. Best part was the mention of the savings over the other insurance companies. And of course Ms. Atron.