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bush.jpgThis just in - President Bush just might be … shhhh … a dick.

He often uses his unique form of dismissive sarcasm to respond to the many unfriendly questions flung his way by the White House press corps. I’m sure you’re familiar with what I’m talking about. Well he tried the same thing during an immigration forum he was at in Ohio, and he got a slightly different result than what he’s used.

Yup - Bush made a 13-year-old girl cry!

Little Jessica Hackerd asked Bush a question about his dead immigration bill. It was a pretty basic and straightforward question: “Mr. President, I know immigration has been a big problem in the U.S. And what is your next step with the immigration bill?”

Bringing up this loss obviously hurt Bushy-wushy, who replied with a sarcastic and wry “yeah, thanks.” This got some laughs from the audience, but little Jessica Hackerd started tearing up. The President then back-peddled, trying to fix the situation by telling her it was a great question which he appreciated. Obviously.

To the credit of one of his aides, Jessica and her family were snagged after Bush’s talk was over, and hurried away to a private meeting with Bush. But that doesn’t change the fact that Bush made a thirteen-year-old girl cry. Ladies and gentlemen, our President!

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There's plenty of little girls, both here and in Iraq, crying because their daddy isn't coming home due to Bush's catastrophic foreign policy.

Little girls and their families are dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine, Lebanon, killed by US bombs, some fired from far away places like Colorado. When the US went into Afghanistan, they dropped daisy cutters, killing everything in an area the size of a few football fields. We had the Northern Allliance's monstrous warlords go in ahead of us, leaving them in our wake to rule cruelly. There are nonstop bombing raids in Iraq, where we use white phosphorus and cluster bombs, like in Fallujah. City after city is being destroyed. The unexploded US made cluster bombs kill and mame people daily in Lebanon and across the region. The "bomblets" look like toys, act as mines. The "depleted" uranium, which is in most munitions, a factor in Gulf War Sickness, is poisoning our troops and generations of local people with cancers and horrific birth defects. I hope they're not bitter.

Of course, little girls and their families were dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Isreal, etc killed by terrorist bombs, in rape centers and acid vats well before W ever became president. All Bush changed was your simpleminded ability to ignore this carnage. I think liberal musheads hate Bush because he has told them the truth and they are frightened.

Excuse me? When exactly has Bush told us the truth?