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That’s some serious squadush!

scrooge.jpgBack in March, a drug bust went down in Mexico. Executed jointly by Mexican and U.S. authorities, the target was Shanghai-born Zhenli Ye Gon. The 44-year-old has been living in Mexico for some time, where he was allegedly supplying the country’s drug cartels with one of the chemicals needed to make meth. For example, the Feds allege that just between December 2005 and August of this year, his company illegally imported over 86 metric tons of restricted drugs and chemicals. In total, they allege he had imported enough chemicals to make over 36,000 kilos of meth, which would have a street value of over $700 million!

So his home was raided back in March, and the U.S. and Mexico agents managed to seize a big hunka change. To the tune $207 million, to be exact. The U.S. Feds said this was “the largest single drug cash seizure the world has ever seen.” While this raid happened back in March, the story is back in the news because Ye Gon, who’s been on the run since then, was finally caught on Monday.

But the real reason I’m posting this is just to share the flabbergasting photo of what $207 million, mostly made of $100 bills, looks like. It’s not quite enough for Scrooge McDuck to swim in, but it’s not far off:


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If it is wrong for me to want to roll around in all that, then I don't want to be right.

Where is GizmoDuck when you need him?

Thank about how much fun it's going to be to trace the DNA samples from those 100's.

I just want one of those stacks. Just one.