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Will Production Halt on Anal Camera 20?

camcorder.jpgThat’s the question that’s buzzing through the entire porn industry today: Will Syvette Wimberly’s legal woes put an end to the lucrative Anal Camera franchise? Will she be forced to retire in her prime? And, more importantly, do the movies actually involve inserting cameras into sphincters? Cause that’s not … well … damn … ouch!

The story: 25-year-old porn star Syvette Wimberly is being sued by a former high-school classmate who claims that Syvette — real name Lara Madden — stole her cognomen and is using it as her stage-name. Indeed, Kristen Syvette Wimberly claims that she and Madden had a falling out in high school and failed to keep up, apparently, on classmates.com or Myspace. So Kristen was a wee bit surprised to learn that Madden was an X-rated porn star using her name in such movies as Anal Camera 19, Craving Big Cocks 5, and Cum Hither. According to the real Wimberly’s complaint, obtained by The Smoking Gun, Madden stole her name despite knowing it would cause “extreme embarrassment and unsubstantiated association with the pornography industry and other consequences.” She is suing for emotional damages.

Of course, had Kristen just let it go, no one in the world, besides skeevy men with a fascination with anal cameras, would’ve ever known about this. Now, of course, The Smoking Gun does — and that means, Kristen, you’ve just exposed the association to a few more million folks. Way to go!

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Laura Madden the former Syvette Wimberly is a very pretty girl and i do not understand this. Why not get out and stay out. Why does she have to come back and do another movie. Especially working on a franchise role called anal cam. How disgusting is that? I may be out of touch with the porn industry but if guys are buying porn with anal cams that is just gross. I hope that this suit puts a stop to this anal cam franchise. That is the type of filth we do not need more of in this world. I have read reports on the internet that suggest that Laura Madden in either dating or is married to Alan Premel. What does this guy think of all of this? He has a distinguished career and she is doing anal cams. It doesnt make sense to me.