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“A bizarre sexual rendezvous involving carrots and crack cocaine has led to three arrests.”

carrots.jpgThat lead from the Daily News Tribune article have your attention?

I thought it might.

So it seems that one Brendan O’Neill met a dude at a bar and made arrangements to buy some crack cocaine and watch the dude and two gals shower back at O’Neill’s home (and use carrots as sex toys). O’Neill bought the crack from them, and the three would-be then used the crack, only to learn that O’Neill didn’t have money to cover the $150 check he gave them for the crack.

Yessir, he paid for the crack by check.

So the threesome took O’Neill’s laptop as collateral and rolled on out. O’Neill did the next logical thing, and called the cops. The cops found the threesome and arrested them. While O’Neill hasn’t been arrested yet, the cops said they’re planning to seek charges.

So the moral of this story is simply that you shouldn’t pay for your crack by check.

…That is the moral, right? Or did I miss the point of it all?