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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and a broken whiskey bottle

whiskeyBottle.jpgWell this is a perfectly fine way to start off an article and grab the reader’s attention: “An argument at a wedding reception escalated into a melee that included punches, a broken whiskey bottle and a stun gun, police said.”

Seems that Samantha Donovan and Jeff Williams were one of the many couples looking to have a lucky 7/7/07 wedding day. And while the wedding itself went off without a hitch, things got a bit rough at the reception. I guess it started when the groom’s brother, Michael Williams, hit on a guest. Which seems perfectly normal to me - that’s what wedding receptions are really for, after all; drunk single guys hitting on the gals. But the groom’s cousin, James Skaggs, was apparently bothered by this. So Skaggs, his sister, Susan Swim, and her fiancĂ©, Shane Bird, decided to jet out of the reception a bit early.

When they hit the parking lot, they ran into Michael Williams and two of his friends. A fight broke out, although the origins of the fight are unclear (drunken words led to someone throwing a punch or doing a headbutt, most likely - right?). When the cops showed up, Skaggs was on top of one of Williams’ buddies, punching him in the face! When Skaggs refused to comply with the cops’ request to stop, he got himself stun-gunned. His sister then hopped onto the back of a cop, because that’s always the smart move when you’re about to get arrested anyway (she of course claims that it wasn’t her at all and that the cops have the wrong person).

As for the broken whiskey bottle, that was the result of one of Williams’ friends getting thwacked over the head with a then-whole whiskey bottle.

All six of them were arrested and charged with misdemeanor public fighting. But the whiskey-bottle-to-the-head guy is actually in a boatload of trouble, as he was hit with a bunch of other charges, including assaulting a cop and drug possession, plus he had several outstanding warrants.

And unsurprisingly, a local police sergeant says that wedding fights are unusual but that he’s seen them before in his 19 years of service:

“I’ve arrested the bride and groom before at the wedding reception,” he said.

Man, I’ve been to a lot of weddings, but I have yet to see a bride and groom get arrested. How come I miss out on all the fun?!

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A friend of mine was dj-ing a wedding where the groom punched the mother of the bride in the face during the reception.