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Best of QuizLaw, April ‘07

april-fool.jpgApril is National Poetry Month, and it also contains a day honoring fools. QuizLaw tends to focus more on the fools than the poems….

It’s Now Always Hard out There for a Pimp — Why work with adults, when you can just pimp your kids?

Choose Your Own QuizLaw — Who didn’t love the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books?

Maxed Out — Dustin luhrves the credit card industry.

Hell yeah, ain’t nothing wrong with having Sambuca with your morning coffee and popping two valiums before going to work! — Drunk Zamboni driving!

Mug Shot Myster — But to be fair, maybe he was just eating-out the Silver Surfer.

Making the Right Choice for Your Children — So many schools, so many problems.

No Balls, No Glory — Man, I’m squirming just from cutting/pasting this link.

Why does Coca Cola hate the Baby Jesus? — …Because he drank Diet Pepsi in the manger?

As with many moments in life, things probably would’ve turned out better if Natalie Portman had been by his side — Suck it Home Depot.

Crim Law Replaced with “The Black Guy Did It” — Man, how come there wasn’t a “Demons and the Law” class at BU?

It’s Naked Tuesday! — It sure is.

My favorite litigant ever — Well, he’s not my favorite litigant anymore (Jonathan Lee Riches will forever hold that title), but I still enjoy his payment plan.

“Why stop at pants? We can probably sue that black, zippered hoodie off of him too.” — Ah, Strongbad, you never cease to amuse.

Can I get a witness? — A donkey testifies!

A QuizLaw story update — I wonder if this is why Marvel Comics ended up having Captain America assassinated.

The Ass Crack Award Goes to … — Yeah, nothing ends a “best of” list like ass crack.