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No Balls, No Glory

scalpel.jpgSo, dude walks into a hospital. He’s got a testicle that’s all kinds of wonky – it’s atrophied, it hurts, and it might even have cancerous cells. But, he’s read all the literature, and he and his wife are not too worried; as it turns out, a man can live a fairly normal life with just the one testicle – you know, other than getting called one-ball by his friends.

So, Benjamin Houghton has come to terms with the fact that he’s about to lose his left testicle. And no worries about the procedure, because it’s being performed at West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, which is well-recognized as a top-notch hospital.

The only problem is, the doctors who performed Houghton’s surgery couldn’t tell left from right. And…you guessed it…they removed the wrong testicle. Now, that’s a fucked-up April Fool’s prank.

Now, Houghton is suing the hospital for $200,000 for the “wrong site surgery,” after doctors failed to mark the correct testicle before performing the operation.

Asked for comment, the chief of staff of the Greater Los Angeles VA system, had only this to say: “Whoopsie.”

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$200,000? That wouldn't even begin to cover my losses. How do you put a price tag on a man's testicles…