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He’s doing the Lord’s work now

p-hilton.jpgWe’ve talked about the wonderful Jonathan Lee Riches many times over on this site. I’m too lazy to go dig up the links, but you can search for the prior entries — Riches is the batshit crazy inmate who keeps filing ludicrously wonderful handwritten lawsuits that are more creative than two-thirds of the things coming out of Hollywood right now.

Well one of Riches’ latest lawsuits is against douchebag extraordinaire Perez Hilton. Unlike many of his complaints, which have many defendants, here Riches only has Perez listed as a defendant. As with all of his filings, you’re best off just going and reading the gem yourself. But essentially, Riches says he’s known Hilton and had a long sexual history with him ever since the two met “on a gay Nevada chat line called ‘the man hole.’” Riches says that, over the years, he committed multiple acts of identity theft, credit card fraud, etc. (known about and supported by Hilton) to get gifts for Hilton and to pay for the the two of them to take vacations. Riches says that now, “[e]veryday on Hilton’s site he slanders me with hate.”

Of course, that’s where this lawsuit enters the realm of the ridiculous, since we all know that Perez would never use hate on his website.

But the reason Riches is doing the Lord’s work is because, among other things, he’s asking the Court to shut down perezhilton.com. And if there’s a more righteous execution of justice in this land of ours, I ain’t never heard of it. God speed, Mr. Riches.

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I'm glad to see Mr. Riches keep up with using the copyright symbol after his name. The RIAA should hire him as legal counsel, he'd fit right in.