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Hell yeah, ain’t nothing wrong with having Sambuca with your morning coffee and popping two valiums before going to work!

zamboni.jpgSo earlier, we gave you a new QuizLaw Common Sense Lesson (“don’t show up to your DUI hearing drunk”). Sixty-four year old John Peragallo clearly knows this basic lesson because when he showed up to his New Jersey DUI trial, he was stone-cold sober. He lost the trial, however, and was convicted. But happy day for John Peragallo, because a state appellate court has now overturned that ruling.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen - in New Jersey, it’s no longer a DUI when you drive a Zamboni drunk!

Back in 2005, Peragallo almost drove his Zamboni into the local sports arena boards. The cops were called and found that Peragallo had a blood-alcohol level of 0.12%, over the legal limit, and charged him with a DUI. But the NJ state appellate court bought Peragallo’s argument that a Zamboni isn’t a motor vehicle, since it doesn’t hold passengers and can’t be taken on the highway, and tossed out his conviction.

You know, I bet that if you get Peragallo drunk enough, he might just be willing to test whether you can get that Zamboni out of the rink and onto the streets.

(And yes, the reason he blew that .12% blood-alcohol level he did is because he did exactly what this post’s title endorses.)