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Best of QuizLaw, May ‘07

may.jpgI have nothing to say in furtherance of taking a look back at some of our May posts, so let’s just get to the links….

Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me…can’t get fooled again — If you can’t trust a hitman, who can you trust?

CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN FOOTBALL-LIKE SUBSTANCE — Sometimes grievances must be aired, even if they don’t have much to do with the law.

A QuizLaw Dramatic Reenactment — Life jackets? We don’t need no stinkin life jackets.

“Can you at least put me in neatly, so I don’t wrinkle?” — Would she have shrunk if the heat was set to high? That’d be an awesome way to start making midgets!

This may be one of my favorite laws, ever — Yup, I still feel that way. Anything involving duels is great.

A political inquiry I can get behind — Man alive, I hate the student loan companies

“Life’s Short. Get a divorce.” — It’s not often that a law-related billboard causes a ruckus.

Look Ma! No hands! (And only one leg) — Stumpy, you’re the best!

Stop raining on our parade! — The nerve of some faculty!

A Stripper Tuesday-Twofer — Well, ok - if you insist.

I Love You so Much I’m Going to Take You behind the Middle School and Get You Pregnant — Tracy Morgan makes women feel dirty and violated. …He makes many men feel that way too.

A Two-Faced Lawyer - Isn’t That an Oxymoron? — QuizLaw puts its mighty weight behind a Gotham City D.A. candidate.

Irony: It’s not Just a River in Egypt — Talky-talky, smashy-smashy.

Don’t Bogart that Buddahfinger — Best pot-related candy ever.

Well that’s one way to get a new trial — Hello Mr. Jury Member Guy. *punch*

The Incredible Exploding Crapper — The entry title, sadly and disgustingly, speaks for itself

Wouldn’t God, Him/Herself, Count as Prior Art? — The PTO has allowed dumber patent applications than this one.

You Really Can Do Anything with Duct Tape — Especially QuizLaw brand duct tape.