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“Can you at least put me in neatly, so I don’t wrinkle?”

dryer.jpgLast December we told you about the wonderful father who put his girlfriend’s kids in the dryer. Well a Houston-area man decided to take that idea and run with it: “Well if you can put some kids in the dryer, why not put your girlfriend in the dryer.”

Last Thursday, local sheriff’s deputies received a call from the relatives of a woman who said they couldn’t reach her. The deputies rolled up to the woman’s apartment only to find her stuffed inside a clothes dryer. Her boyfriend, 27-year-old Adrian Williams, apparently tossed her in the dryer after the two had a fight. He’s now been charged with aggravated kidnapping and the woman, while unresponsive at the time, seems to be doing ok. It’s been rumored, although the reports are unsubstantiated, that the lady shrunk by about 5 inches, however, because Williams set the heat too high.

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I love your slightly morbid humour.