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Don’t Bogart that Buddahfinger

butterF.jpgIn March of last year, Kenneth Affolter found himself in some trouble with the law when DEA agents raided some Northern California warehouses. They found a lot of money, a lot of weed, some weapons, and other related paraphernalia. But they also found some of the products Affolter sold as part of his “Beyond Bomb” product line - candy and soft drinks laced with pot.

Affolter eventually got himself a nice 70-month stint in the clink. But his troubles aren’t over, because he’s now been sued by the Hershey Company, which wants $100,000 from him. Seems that he gave his products “fun” names, playing off of established candy and drink products - products in his “Beyond Bomb” line included Toka-Cola, Puff-a-Mint Patties, Muncy Way and, my personal favorite, Buddafingers. He also, however, had three products playing off of Hershey products: Stoney Rancher, Rasta Reese’s and Keef Kat.

And Hershey doesn’t take kindly to the similar names and packaging, so it sued Affolter for trademark infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition. When asked for comment, Affolter allegedly said this lawsuit was totally harshing his mellow, and then asked for someone to pass a Pot Tart.

A big old hat tip to the WSJ Law Blog, and thanks to the Smoking Gun which, as always, comes through with the photos we really care about (here’s one for you, but there are more at the Gun):