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Servicemen Tells Superior He’s Gay; Superior Covers Ears

ist2_1332415_american_soldier.jpgIn a report set to air on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, Army Sgt. Darren Manzella says that he told his superior officers that he was gay, and even offered up lascivious visual proof, but was told to get back to his job. Indeed, after he told his commanding officer, Manzella says:

“I had to go see my battalion commander, who read me my rights,” he says. He turned over pictures of him and his boyfriend, including video of a passionate kiss, to aid the investigation. But to his surprise, “I was told to go back to work. There was no evidence of homosexuality,” says Manzella. “‘You’re not gay,’” he says his superiors told him. This response confused him and, he says, the closest a superior officer came to addressing his sexuality was to say “I don’t care if you’re gay or not.”

Stahl apparently talked to a lot of other gay servicemen who admitted that they were out, too; as one guy said, “It’s the ‘Will & Grace’ generation,” so nobody cares.

So, essentially, the policy is still “don’t ask, don’t tell.” But, if you do tell, we’re gonna cover our ears and go “lalalalalalalalala” because, like, dude: We’re strapped. If stop loss is good enough for the heteros, it’s good enough for the gays.

In related news, the 109th Army man this year killed himself, setting a yearly record. Jesus.

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Wait -- too lazy to Google -- why did the guy have to spill the beans to his supervisor? The "I was told to go back to work" quote puzzles me; am I wrong in assuming that he was trying to renege on his commitment citing his sexual preference? Don't Ask Don't Tell is the silliest principle in the world to me, but what gives?

I spent 6 years in the navy (2000 to 2006) and was an E-5 for the last two years. I was a supervisor of a machinery division. We had two guys that were open with their homosexuality. Just like everyone else, they were not allowed to have relationships out to see. I tell you right now, more heterosexual relationships were discovered (I was on a carrier). In fact, I can't think of one time that two men were discovered together. That's not to say no one got kicked out for "rainbow chits" but they weren't homosexuals. Basically the sailor in question wanted out, and rather than drag it out, the command would just offer the rainbow chit. Otherwise, it would take months of the shithead screwing up before we had enough to kick them out. I can not honestly recall an incident when an actual homosexual was kick off my boat for just being gay. I tell you right now, the military needs "Don't Ask Don't Tell" just so they can get rid of problem people easily. If your wondering why someone would accept the discharge, a general for being gay is a lot better than an OTH for being a shithead.