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Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me…can’t get fooled again

hitman.jpgLast November, Donald Bryant was sentenced to six years in the clink in connection with several cocaine and weapons charges. He had been in and out of county jail prior to that, and sometime between August and November he came up with a solid plan. In at least one of his cocaine cases, there was a police informant who was going to testify against him. So kill the informant, Bryant figures, and kill the case.

When another man in jail said he’d help Bryant kill this informant, Bryant was quite pleased, and he got his wife to get the $600 this guy would need for a gun. Things fell apart, however, when the “hitman,” himself, turned informant on Bryant, ratting him out to the cops. So last November, Bryant was charged with second-degree conspiracy and criminal solicitation. He pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge yesterday, getting an 8-to-16 year sentence in the clink, to be served consecutively with his current drug sentence (and his wife got a 3-to-9 year sentence of her own, when she pleaded guilty to her own conspiracy charge).

…oh, and I may have I forgot to mention the best part of it all. The “hitman” who ratted Bryant out? He’s the same guy who informed on Bryant in the original drug case! Bryant unknowingly tried to hire the man to kill himself, and that man ended up burning him twice!