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Well that’s one way to get a new trial

punch.jpgLet’s say you’re a criminal defendant on trial for, you know, crime stuff. And let’s further say that things don’t look to be going very well for you. How might you try to get a mistrial declared, so you can start again?

Well if you’re Richard Glawson, you punch a juror!

Glawson was on trial for allegations of a crime spree which culminated with him shooting a cop. And I guess he got angry last week, so he decided to punch a juror. His attorney immediately asked for a mistrial, but this request was denied. So Glawson’s lawyer appealed to the state Supremes. An order from one justice came back down, asking the lower court judge “to ask the remaining jurors if they felt they could remain impartial after watching Glawson hit the elderly juror.” While eleven jurors said they could stay impartial, another four said “no,” so Glawson got his mistrial.

Selection of a whole new jury started yesterday.