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A Stripper Tuesday-Twofer

t_nude2.jpgToday, QuizLaw proudly brings you two stripper stories for the price of one. First, strip clubs down in Houston are getting ready to deal with attempts to regulate and crackdown on their business. New regulations say that “sexually oriented” places can’t be within 1,500 feet of churches, schools, parks or residential areas. So what do clubs currently in those places do? They have their dancers “wear bikinis, or even skimpier opaque coverings,” which then pulls them out of being “sexually oriented.” Of course, the quesiton that the Houston Chronicle asks, which is definately the right question, is whether customers would still go to a former nudie place that now has their ladies covering up? A manager at Centerfolds Adult Entertainment thinks their business will remain “profitable.”

The more interesting story, however, comes out of Seattle, where folks are asking “[f]or an undercover cop in a strip joint, how far is too far? For example, three cops who were recently involved in a strip-club sting have admitted to things which some say might be pushing it a bit too far:

One Seattle cop reported that he grabbed an exotic dancer’s breasts several times as she gyrated in his lap.

Another undid his belt for the dancer grinding against him — allowing her to slide her hand into his pants.

A third paid $100 to a stripper for four lap dances in a row as he tested whether she’d offer sex for money (she didn’t).

An attorney who represents several dancers says that “[t]here’s no legal reason for an officer to purchase multiple dances from the same person if she commits a violation on the first dance…. Otherwise, it would simply be a case of partying on the public dollar.” But, of course, the supervisor of the vice unit says everything is on the up-and-up. The SeatlePI article obviously covers this in much more detail (albeit not as salaciously as some of you may like), and makes for an interesting Tuesday morning read.