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This may be one of my favorite laws, ever

duel1.jpgWest Virginia has a great law on the books, from 1849 (before it was even a state!):

If any person fight a duel in this state and in so doing inflict a mortal wound, he shall be deemed guilty of murder.

And sumbitch if someone isn’t being charged under this law. Murder by duel!

Steven Bryant Simpson (a 47-year-old WV man) got into an argument with Dana Martin, his 39-year-old neighbor. Seems the two were verbally fighting over something, possibly about the noise coming from Martin’s all-terrain vehicle. After going back and forth a bit, the two men stormed off, got guns, and came back. Both guns were fired, and Martin was hit and killed.

If Simpson had been a fan of the show that bares his very own surname, he would’ve known that duels are nothing but trouble - Homer got himself into quite a jam when he started challenging folks to duels and messed with the wrong Texan.

…Seriously, is there anything we can’t learn from “The Simpsons?”

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How long until we see "Dana Martin Shot" t-shirts?

Holy crap. That's amazing. If only they'd bitten their thumbs at one another or slapped with white gloves, the world would be a safer place.