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Best of QuizLaw, November ‘07

november.jpgGobble gobble. This Thanksgiving, QuizLaw was thankful for Fred Phelps getting some comeuppance, zombie Kool Aid Man and the death of chocolate bunnies. How could ask for anything more?

Suck It, Fred Phelps. Suck It Long. And Suck It Hard — Yeah, an $11 million verdict couldn’t go to a nicer bigger asshole.

South Carolina Blows — I’m already sick of the ‘08 Presidential Election, and there’s still so much of it left. How much better would it be with candidate Stephen Colbert in the mix? Stupid South Carolina.

Just reading about this makes me a little quesy — “Cheese making” charges. I got nothin to add.

Is Wayn Brady gonna have to choke a bitch? — Maybe not, but he might need to give this judge a lesson in S&M.

It’s Time to Put a Stop to These Menaces of Society — Awwww, I think Dustin needs a hug.

Uhm … yikes — Heh, that “pussy lips” gag never ceases to amuse me when I catch that episode on rerun.

Stop Your Bitching, Granny — Old ladies are just so persnickety, ain’t they?

Can we get the related Douchebag Law, while we’re at it? — That second video still crack my shit up like nobody’s business.

No high school students need read this site — QuizLaw! Serving a Junior High mentality for over two years!

Look kids - Big Ben, Parliament… — Those wacky Brits and their crazy laws.

Our Children Are Suffering — We Have to Act Now — I’m so over this Hannah Montana business.

With tuition that high, they better be singing and dancing! — No amount of singing and dancing is worth the twenty years of debt I still have hanging over my head thanks to those bastards.

Florida! Florida! Florida! Florida! — More Florida stories than you can shake a stick at.

The best defense ever — See, math makes everything better.

Tickets to “Gun Show” sold out — Well sure, I love squeezing other men’s biceps too. But that’s “at home” behavior.

The folks at night, will shoot you on sight … deep in the heart of Texas! — Quoting the story of another apparently makes me a Castro-loving, autistic, liberal prick.

Now, That’s Funny — Poor Joe Francis.

How to Kill a Chocolate Bunny — It should be illegal to harm chocolate bunnies. What’d those poor bastards ever do, aside from remain delicious?