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With tuition that high, they better be singing and dancing!

busl-alumni.jpgOver at the WSJ Law Blog, Ashby Jones recently posted an entry related to a little law school Dustin and I happened to go to, good ol’ Boston University School of Law (“BUSL” to the cool kids). Entitled The Minstrel of BU Law School, Jones talks about his discovery, thanks to NPR, of professor Mark Pettit. Pettit is well know at BUSL for singing in his class. Now he doesn’t do it often — maybe once or twice a year — but still, that’s more than most. I never had Pettit for contracts (Dustin and I both had the wonderfully Tasmanian Devil-like Wally Miller), but everything I heard was that Pettit was a good prof and a pretty good guy. So good on him for getting a little NPR notoriety.

Fun fact — at least one year, Pettit and three other professors auctioned off a private classroom concert for one of the first year sections. This was at the school’s annual public interest auction and while I don’t recall what the final price was for the crooners, I do remember that it was well over $1,300. So Pettit not only teaches with his silky smooth voice, but he uses it for the greater good!

BUtower.jpgIn Jones’ entry, he also expresses shock that the Princeton Review ranked BUSL as having the best faculty in the country, asking “who knew?” Clearly he never received any of BU’s marketing materials, because the faculty is often ranked #1 (at some point during my tenure there, they hit something like 5 or 6 years in a row of being ranked #1), and the school pimps that shit out like nobody’s business. When you have the ugliest and most awkward law school building in the country (that monstrous tower to the right), however, you kinda have to flaunt whatever else you got.

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It's not that bad, Seth. At least it isn't shaped like a bundt cake, sitting across from a library supposedly inspired by a sailing ship...