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Just reading about this makes me a little quesy

cheese.jpgThe California Department of Food and Agriculture has seized 375 pounds of illegal cheese from a Southern California couple. They were selling the illegal cheese (which apparently includes varieties of panela, queso fresco and queso oxaca) at a farmers market in the Sacramento area. The so-called “bathtub” cheeses are illegal because they can cause “serious illness such as listeria, salmonella or E. coli.”

My favorite part of the story is that while the couple has been charged with the sale of illegal cheese, one of them was also hit with felony “cheese making” charges.

Is there any way we can get the Feds to bring up similar charges against Sandra Bullock?

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felony cheese making?

When are they gonna charge Britney Spears, she's got to be processing at least five pounds of unclean, illegal Gouda in between her fat folds, daily.

Oh, Barbado.. I just ate and I really don't need to be visualizing that right now. Nor will I be eating gouda in the foreseeable future.

Hahahahahaha, you are WELCOME!

did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an