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Tickets to “Gun Show” sold out

Muscle.gifPoor Akinwale Arobieke. He tried, he really did. But the temptation was too great. The man is only human. How can you expect him to stop squeezing other men’s biceps in public?

A man has been convicted of breaching a court order which bans him from “touching, feeling or measuring” any muscle areas. Akinwale Arobieke, known as Purple Aki, was captured on CCTV film in the Mall St George’s in Preston, Lancashire, grabbing the bicep of a young man. He touched the man who quickly moved away.

Maybe there is some sort of “12-inch Python” patch. Or a “Man Meat Anonymous.” Let’s just be glad he never met Barry Bonds. I mean, what is one to do when Grope-a-mania is running wild on you?

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HA! Purple Aki. This guy was the local boogie man for the Liverpool area where I was born. I didn't realise that he was real until I got to about 15.

It should also be mentioned that the court order that he breached was placed after he was convicted of manslaugher. A boy he was chasing was run over by a train.

The 'purple' bit? Let's just say that I don't come from the most pc of places. He was so black that he looked purple seems to be the best explanation.

Good lord, I never thought I would see him referenced on a US website that I read everyday.