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Our Children Are Suffering — We Have to Act Now

01-hannah-montana-300a101106.jpgWe cover a lot of frivolous lawsuits and amusing criminal stories here at QuizLaw, but occasionally, we have to cover a few of the more serious legal issues. And there is nothing more grave that the class-action lawsuit filed in New Jersey yesterday. As one lawyer involved in the action noted, “We need to make sure our youngsters are protected from the unscrupulous.”

This grim matter, of course, is the class-action being filed against the official Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana) fan club. Allegedly, this dastardly organization exploited the fans of the 14-year-old daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, breaking their achy hearts by taking their $30 membership fees in exchange for priority ticket-buying power. But these amoral bastards allegedly have not been delivering on their promise, as thousands of hopeful ticket-buyers are getting shut out, while the less ardent fans — people who don’t care enough about Hannah Montana to pony up $30 — are obtaining those tickets instead.

A New Jersey woman is filing the suit on behalf of several thousand people who have suffered — suffered — because they weren’t able to see Hannah in person. because they weren’t able to enjoy her Disney Karaoke Series in person or enjoy the pop-ditty “Pumpin’ Up the Party,” along with fellow Hannah Montana enthusiasts.

It’s a goddamn tragedy, folks. A tragedy. Let’s pray for these poor people.

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I'm assuming you don't have kids. Little girls LOVE hannah montana, and what's crappy about all the tickets going so fast is they were bought up by people planning to re-sell them at 10x the cost.

I agree completely with the above comment about how they were bought up so fast by brokers planning to sell them at 10x the cost! I think it is Ticketmaster that should be sued. I actually was able to obtain 4 tickets through the presale and somehow managed to get 4 more during the public sale(only because somebody made a mistake or released their seats or something)but the only reason I tried during the public sale was for my daughters friends whos parents weren't lucky enough to score tickets...well then a couple days before the concert ticketmaster posted on their website that they were strictly enforcing the 4 ticket limit per household and said they could cancel one or all orders if you purchased more then 4 under the same email address, credit card..etc....well needless to say I was furious! I called and told them I wasn't one of those ridiculous people trying to make money off of them, I just felt bad that my daughters friends couldn't go so we luckily were able to help them out. Most of the people I spoke to didn't care about my story...one nice girl in customer service told me since it was the night before the show, they'd show as being cancelled already so we were fine. So I got lucky...but she did say that they were cancelling orders..so I say no big deal if they were broker orders..BUT if they were just ordinary people just like me trying to help out friends and they just released their tickets back out for others to buy?? I think that sucks! And as far as the fanclub for the presale passwords go...anyone who knows anything about buying tickets knows that just because you have a presale password doesn't guarantee you the tickets you want..it is still first come first serve...so people should get better informed first..this lawsuit will never stand!

I'd be pretty pissed off if I was a parent too. I don't really see what's wrong with this.