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No high school students need read this site

lawrence-jhs.jpgThe folks over at Concurring Opinions pointed me towards a site that purports to rate the level of education necessary to read your blog. The levels include: Elementary School, Junior High, High School, College (Undergrad), College (Postgrad) and Genius. When I ran QuizLaw through the site, it came back with “Junior High School.” Ditto that for sister sites Pajiba and Webster’s Is My Bitch. I take minor umbrage with its rating of QuizLaw and Webster’s, as I think we’re at least a little smarter than that, but I take major umbrage with Pajiba’s rating, as I think, filthy humor aside, it really does take a bit of education to truly get what folks are talking about.

But whatever, if all we garner is Junior High, than so be it. It could be worse I guess, as we find good company with Volokh Conspiracy, Above the Law and the Gray Lady. And at least we earn the Junior High rating with our frequent dick jokes. I don’t see Volokh making dick jokes. Consider the gauntlet thrown, Eugene!

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If you think that is insulting, you shouldn't see the rating for my personal blog. It was not what I expected, espicially since half the words on there are probably spelled worng.

My Myspace page got a "high school" ranking and there are only videos, pictures and a few comments from friends.


Yeah, this has to be random, because my blog got a High School rating-you guys talk about law, and I quote Michelle Tanner.