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QuizLaw Lives on to Fight Another Day!

rocky.jpgWell the votes are in, and by a narrow 19 vote margin, QuizLaw managed to beat out the Overlawyered kids in a fierce fight to the finish. We. Are. The Number One “Generally Speaking” Blawg. So thank you to all the QuizLaw and Pajiba readership for showing the love. We’re thankful, we truly are. Humanity lives on to continue its fight against the robotic would-be overlords. Cute Pajiba Jr. (who is, despite some of your protestations to the contrary, truly just shy of six months old — he’s an Indy Colts linebacker in waiting!) is thankful. And most importantly of all, Pajiba Jr.’s lion is thankful.

We love being number one in a relatively meaningless poll, we truly do. But there are two more orders of business we must turn to. First, an earnest hat tip to the Overlawyered gang, who were wonderfully gracious in their embarrassing and merciless defeat. It was truly a pleasure to vanquish you guys! They were also incredibly good sports about all our shenanigans.

Second, there’s more work to be done. As reader three elle pointed out yesterday, the nominations for the 2008 Bloggies are underway. Now, we’ve already begged, pleaded, borrowed and stolen to get your votes for us in the ABA Whatchamacallit, so we understand if you’re turned off to more voting. But we’re gonna ask for your help anyway. And here’s the thing — you wouldn’t just be helping out good old QuizLaw. See, the Bloggies require you to put forth nominations for at least three different blogs. And well, wouldn’t you know it, QuizLaw has two sister sites equally deserving of some nominating love, which adds up to a shiny three.

But beyond that, we’re not a selfish bunch. In fact, if and when you hit the Bloggies’ nomination page, QuizLaw recommends your first order of business to be giving the fine Overlawyered folks a nomination or two. And then, we’d love to see you give Kissing Suzy Kolber a nod for Best Sports Weblog. And then, you can deal with your favorite trio of Scathing Websites. Now there are a lot of categories we think We Three Kings fit into, but if we could have only one, well, we would absolutely love to see Pajiba get some love for Best-Kept Secret Weblog.

Beyond that, here’s how I personally voted for our three websites — you are, of course, free to do as you’d like. And whether you nominate or not, just know that the Number One ABA “Generally Speaking” Blawg loves you, truly and sincerely:

Pajiba — Best American Weblog, Best-Kept Secret Weblog, Best Entertainment Weblog, Best Writing of a Weblog and Best Group Weblog.

QuizLaw — Best American Weblog, Best-Kept Secret Weblog and Best Topical Weblog.

Websters Is My Bitch — Best American Weblog, Best-Kept Secret Weblog and Best Gossip Blog.

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Aaaah, democracy at work, the power of one man-one vote, fairness.

Does this mean I can stop voting now?