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Act Now! Before the Robots Eat Us All

dd_howto.jpgFor those of you who don’t keep up with blawg politics, there’s currently a contest that’s heating up in the American Bar Association’s Top 100 Blogs, specifically in the “Generally Speaking” category, between the greatest legal blog on the Internet, QuizLaw, and another site called Overlawyered, which I understand is run by communists. Seth and I wanted to keep this race clean, but since we’ve fallen behind now, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to start the smear campaign. In the beginning, we promised that every vote you made for us would grant an angel a demurrer, but unfortunately, that’s not been a successful strategy, so we’re forced to reveal some ugly truths.

And here’s the God’s honest: Walter Olson and Ted Frank, the purveyors of legal smut over on Overlawyered, are robots. Yes. You heard me right. Built by the IBM Corp. sometime in the late 90s and given fake, prestigious resumes (like a University of Chicago graduate would actually blog! ha!), Walter and Ted were programmed to spit out thoughtful, sometimes amusing legal analysis (and relevant links) about cases that actually matter in the world of law, which as we all know defies every tenet of the blogosphere.

Seth and I, on the other hand, bring you legal news meant almost exclusively to entertain, and we fail at least as often as not. Why? Because we’re not robots. And America fears robots. In fact, each time you cast a vote for Overlawyered (Warning: Contains actual legal substance), you embolden the robots, bringing America ever closer to the robot uprising that is destined to bring down this great country of ours.

So, please: Cast your vote for Quizlaw. Do it for us. But more importantly, do it to save the world from a future of evil-natured robots, programmed to destroy us all.

Don’t let the robots win.

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Don't forget: Robots eat old people's medicine for fuel.

Alright, I'll do it for Wayne Coyne.